Wrapping Christmas Presents – 12 Top Tips From a Top Stylist

A top stylist gives tips on wrapping Christmas presents so they really stand out under the tree.

1) Don’t use wrapping paper for wrapping Christmas presents. Wallpaper and fabric off-cuts look great and are environmentally friendly. Or get the kids busy on a rainy afternoon with recycled brown paper and potato print stars.

2) Buy a multi-pack of cheap baubles and write the Christmas gift recipient’s name using metallic pen. Old-fashioned brown luggage labels and coloured ink also look great on Christmas gifts.

3) Teeth-torn Sellotape ruins even the smartest Christmas present wrapping. Use a proper dispenser, a Prit-Stick, or invest in double-sided tape. You could even use a roll of pretty stickers.

4) Always fold raw edges before sticking them down.

5) Buttons, buckles, diamante costume jewellery, fabric butterflies and flowers, pom-poms and trinkets turn Christmas gifts from finished into fabulous.

6) If the Christmas gift is already attractively packaged, don’t go to town. Accent instead with a pretty ribbon.

7) Mix rich with poor. Brown parcel paper looks chic tied with velvet ribbon, and wrapping paper bought in 10-metre rolls instantly goes upmarket tied with coloured cord or garden twine. Even newspaper goes up the social scale tied with shiny ribbon.

8) For a Changing Rooms effect, tie on a string of bobbles or sequins at an angle. Not everyone will love it, but your Christmas gifts will definitely get noticed.

9) Attach a small gift. Candy canes work well for children, mini lavender bags for the mother-in-law, and tiny crackers for anyone.

10) A box is the answer to wrapping Christmas presents which are awkwardly shaped, or things that are so tiny you’re worried they’ll get lost. Keeping the shape covered up will help keep them guessing.

11) Keep a couple of Christmas gift bags to hand for anything that is difficult to wrap, or for that last-minute panic when you’ve run out of time.

12) Christmas is the one time when you can let your inner bad taste go to town. Spray on fake snow, tie bundles of cinnamon sticks with red ribbon, go mad with real holly.

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