Interesting and Interactive Way of Presenting Practical Information – Information Discs

Most businesses need to present information on their products or services to their clients and invariably they want their clients to read and take notice of this information. However, presenting the information by way of lists on leaflets or in pamphlets is not necessarily the best way to guarantee that clients will refer to the information. A much better way is to present the information in an easy-to-read, interactive format. So what are the options? Well, the obvious solutions are slide charts and wheel charts and whilst slide charts are very functional there is a greater suggestion of user-friendliness about a wheel chart or information disc.

As a promotional tool a wheel chart is a bit like a silent partner. It is not an obvious product such as a promotional pop-up nor is it a high-action product where rubber band powered cubes jump out at you. However, the wheel chart will be retained as a reference tool for a long time and so it continues to perform its promotional function long after the instant impact of other products have lost their fizz. Another point in its favour is that the wheel chart’s high-action counterparts are not necessarily suitable vehicles to carry lots of practical information. It’s a case of horses for courses.

Very Effective at Events and Exhibitions

A Wheel Chart really is a great interactive way to display product details. Information that could be lost in the body of text on an ordinary leaflet is found easily on an information disc and it is done in a manner that actively involves the audience. These qualities make a wheel chart an ideal marketing and publicity product for a new product launch or for presenting product details as an exhibition handout or as an event giveaway.

Information discs are also of interest to events organisers as they are also a good way to show details of dates and venues for different events on an events calendar. Let’s say that a series of corporate team building events have been planned. An information disc provides an interesting and interactive way of passing on the information. The top disc could have the headlines and the details of each event will show through the apertures in the disc when it is turned.

Wheel charts can be made to order from many UK manufacturers and can come in a variety of guises. The simplest examples are two discs fastened at the centre using a metal eyelet but it is certainly not uncommon to see examples with three discs giving double-sided functionality. The discs can be incorporated into other formats, being added to one or more pages of a 4-page or 6-page folder, for example. Sometimes the disc is enclosed in a wallet and that option can also be incorporated into a 4-page and 6-page publication. This versatility affords the option of producing event publicity in a variety of formats with the interactive plus factor brought by the information disc.

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