Discover the Salary Negotiation Secret That the Employers Don’t Want You to Know About

There is a secret on the Internet for all those about to negotiate their salaries. A secret that the employers don’t want the employees and job seekers to know about.

Most of the free information about salary negotiations is published by job searching sites and blogs. The truth hidden from employees and job seekers using this information is that it is likely to prevent the employee or job seeker from getting a high salary.

The sites providing this information have no interest in revealing knowledge that really would benefit the employees and cost too much money (in high salaries) for the employers.  

Why is that so? Well, have you ever asked yourself why this information is provided for free? The job searching sites are managed by profit seeking companies. They have costs to be covered and investors expecting dividends. So – why provide this information for free?   The answer is not that if employees or job seekers get this information for free, then they will buy something else on these sites. In principle, all information and services on these sites are free for the job seeker.  

But, who are then paying for the services of these sites? Who are their paying customers? Who are paying their bills, paying the salaries to their employees, paying the dividends to their investors?  

It is the employers, of course. The employers hire these companies to find employees fitting their needs. A profit seeking company sells its services by satisfying the needs of their customers. The employers are the customers of the job searching sites.  

So, do the customers (the employers) of the job searching sites have an interest in the employees becoming really good at negotiating their salaries? Of course not. And, does that not mean that the job searching sites don’t have any interest in the employees becoming really good at negotiating their salaries? Of course it means that.  

But, why are they then providing any information on salary negotiations at all? And in addition – for free? Well, there is a simple logic behind this: They publish all this information to be found and to get high ranking from the Internet search engines. Being highly ranked by the search engines means getting a lot of visitors to their sites. Getting a lot of visitors means getting a lot of job seekers. Getting a lot of job seekers means having a great service to provide to the employers. Having a great service to provide to the employers means one and only one thing – profit.  

So, are you surprised that all the salary negotiation tips on the job searching sites are so brief? That the information is so scattered? That you are never able to get an overview of the quite complicated process involved in a salary negotiation? That this information, in its briefness, gives an impression that a salary negotiation is a quite simple thing and that all that is needed to get a high salary is an article containing 5 salary negotiation tips?  

When you realize that this information is not published to help the employees and job seekers but to attract traffic to the job searching websites, these facts about most of the “free” information about salary negotiations on the internet can come as no surprise at all.

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