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Getting the Right 40th Birthday Present for the Big Day

Jun 08 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Life begins at 40. Or so they say. But hey, if nothing else, the big four-o is an excuse to get lots of ‘hilarious’ cards and nice presents. The ‘nice presents’ bit is particularly fun, especially when it’s a personalised 40th birthday present. After all, we ought to make the most of being able to read – it might not be long before the cataracts kicks in.

So when it comes to 40th birthday presents, it’s important to get it right. A given, maybe, but also a potential minefield. It makes knowing your audience a must – T-shirts with an age-related gag should be approached with caution, while the insertion of a virility pill into a witty card also requires deft of touch. Ditto a set of bathroom scales for your sister-in-law. To help you negotiate these potential pitfalls, we’ve outlined a few ideas for 40th birthday presents that definitely won’t result is social castigation.

Let’s start with the guys. If the birthday boy is a footie fan, you’re sorted. You’ve got FA Cup Final DVDs, personalised dressing room prints, personalised magazine and matchday programme covers, and a legends’ wall calendar. But arguably the pick of the bunch are the football club books. A year-by-year account of the club’s history, they’re all made up of tabloid-sized reprints of the original newspaper coverage from the date, often going back to the early part of the 20th century. And to round things off in the modern era, each one includes all the reaction from the 2009/10 season.

Birthday girls, meanwhile, aren’t about to turn down a day of unadulterated pampering at a nearby spa. You can pick from any number of muscle-melting treatments and wraps that’ll have her feeling preened, steamed, cleaned and rejuvenated. Failing that, how about some personalised chocolate? You’ve got two options with this. Number one is a nice, big bar of milk chocolate featuring a funky personalised wrapper. Number two is to pick your own choices and name the box after the birthday gal, before registering it on the ‘Chocolate Foundation’ database.

And, of course, get online and you’ll also find a seemingly endless list of other possibilities, from special days out and personalised wine, to spoof newspaper covers and personalised diaries. It’s a sure-fire way of making sure the birthday goes down a storm… without a sideways glare in sight.

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How to Present Yourself and Your Music – Creating a More Polished Presentation

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Whether you’re an indie musician looking for a gig or trying to entice a manager or record label, how you present yourself and your music is of great importance. Make your presentation brief and make it look good. Take the time to prepare, and create a polished presentation.

No one wants to take the time to read pages and pages of bio, no matter how interesting you might think it is. And no one wants to take the time to look at tons of pictures, and especially not poor quality ones. Silly pictures, or those that don’t even show the artist are most often poorly received. They want to see what you look like, plain and simple.

Include the following in your presentation –

If you’re a band, a good group shot, professional 8 X 10 black & white is best.

If you’re a solo act, a nice professional head shot works best, 8 x 10 black & white.

A one page bio is best. Make sure your contact info is on every page and piece of your press kit. Keep it clean and simple — easy to find and easy to read. Take time with your bio. Use spell check, make sure there are no typos. Your bio should be crisp, clean and organized. Don’t over do it with the links. One is enough. And make sure that you include your email & phone number.

Choose your music carefully. Don’t choose a slow song with a long drawn out intro. In fact watch any long intros, slow or fast. Even if it’s catchy and you just love it, if it’s too long, they’ll be gone before your song ever starts. Choose your catchiest tune, with the hippest intro. They can listen to the other one later, once they’re interested in you and your music.

Press clippings and concert dates — if you have them — are invaluable. Be sure to include them. If you have any particularly good concert dates coming up, include brief (factual only – no fluff or hype) info. If it’s a really good gig, send a complimentary ticket. Press clippings are gold even if they come from a small paper. Always include them.

Remember, whether you’re sending stuff by email or dropping it off in person, make it look good, professional and polished. Indie musicians are often much too casual with email. Don’t just slap together a quick email. If you don’t take it seriously, neither will the person at the receiving end.

Take time with how you present yourself and your music. Creating a polished presentation will pay off again and again and again. One last note — remember to update your bio! Keep concert dates current! Good luck!

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Presentation Folders Are Versatile in Utility

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are many ways to manage documents. An easy method is to use folders. They are stylish and provide all the basic functionality needed to manage, store and handle documents. They are created from card, paper or plastic. Many varieties of folders exist. Due to their durability, they are an excellent tool for marketing.

Basically, a folder is a piece of paper, card or plastic which is folded in the centre once or twice to give it a bi-panel or tri-panel shape. There are also many categories of this wonderful item. One of the most common is called the presentation folder. It is called so because it serves mainly in a kind of situation where it is used to hold papers to be read or presented before an audience.

This kind of a folder has the same standard size and features while also having extra pockets on the inside of its covers in order to carry important documents. Many companies use this item to cash as an advertising and marketing tool. That’s why they opt for custom presentation folders. This way they are able to improve their business identity easily and elegantly.

There are many ways in which they can be customized. Their design, colors, material, content and size are some of the most common factors that can be easily modified. Another important factor to note is folder printing. This is something that can have a lasting impression on the customers and on the quality of the product overall. Many techniques can be used to produce an item that mirrors the wishes of a customer.

The highest quality printing is achieved through a process called full color CMYK printing process. It creates stunningly beautiful colors in vivid and vibrant quality. It is being used in many countries for various printing services like the presentation folder printing UK which is being utilized in United Kingdom as a search keyword for online printing services.

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The Art Of Making Simple Business Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

It is normal for people who want to be outstanding in their presentation as they regard “simplicity” as being lame. Most of them are willing to spend enormous amount of time in their presentations such as putting complicated multimedia and trendy Powerpoint templates. You might ask yourself whether these enhancement are necessary in your business presentations. There are times that a presenter with good oral skills could not close a business deal due to over-complicated presentation slides. Therefore, it is time for a good chance by learning the art of simplicity.

What is the art of simplicity?

First of all, being simple does not lull your audiences into a state of boredom. In fact, it can make your audiences focus at the text-contents on white-colored background slides. For example, if you use black-colored fonts on your white-colored background slides, your messages are able to transcend into the minds of your audiences.

Basically, types of fonts are important in delivering clearer messages to your audiences. Ideally, types of fonts which are mainly use are Arial, Century Gothic and Times New Roman. For best results, it is preferably to use Arial and Century Gothic fonts which are easier to be viewed by your audiences. Do not attempt to use non-formal fonts such as Comic Sans which could undignified the whole presentation.

For better slide enhancement, you can include images from Microsoft Clip Art. It is better to use related images in slide which corresponds to your text-contents. It is pointless that you put images that are totally irrelevant with your slide contents. Always bear in your mind that time is precious for your audiences, so you need to capture your audiences’ attention as fast as possible.

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Epson PowerLite 1775W: A Good Option of Mobile Presentation Projector

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

While talking about presentation, you have to understand that it requires the use of projector that can support its process. This unit is very useful for your job so it is an important thing for you to consider its use and its presence. Today, this product is manufactured by many companies and it comes with many options of brands. If you are interested in gaining the suitable one for your needs, it is a good idea for you to do some research so you can do something right. To help you in making the best decision, you can choose Epson PowerLite 1775W. It is a good product you need to think about if you would like to gain the best mobile presentation projector.

This product can be purchased at $1,199 and it is very slim so it will give you the best help in moving anywhere. This device is produced with giving a full complement of analog and digital inputs. Besides, it has the ability to handle flash drives and USB-compatible devices like cameras and cellphones. It is easy to set up so you can learn its use by doing.

It is also completed with some good features that support its functions very well such as cable free projection and compression software which puts your Powerpoint presentation on a thumb drive so that you can leave your laptop in the car. It also features powered focus and automatic vertical and horizontal keystone correction that could make your life easier. It has the built-in wireless LAN hardware that can make switching laptops during a presentation a breeze. The feature of a road warrior is able to drool over this projector.

To ensure you about this projector, you must understand that it is light, bright, and completed with great features which are able to support all kinds of presentation environments. For additional information, you must know that its use is seen as a natural for brainstorming sessions where multiple computers need to be connected for short durations.

It has a presentation mode that can deliver 2,485 lumens and Theater, Photo, and sRGB all put up 2,240 lumens. Eco mode dropped brightness by 45% which is more than the usual reduction, but with it comes with a 10dB reduction in fan noise. Many users state that this unit is really great for tabletop and ceiling mounting. Thus, it is better to choose this unit to help you in running your presentation very well.

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