Wrapping Christmas Presents – 12 Top Tips From a Top Stylist

A top stylist gives tips on wrapping Christmas presents so they really stand out under the tree.

1) Don’t use wrapping paper for wrapping Christmas presents. Wallpaper and fabric off-cuts look great and are environmentally friendly. Or get the kids busy on a rainy afternoon with recycled brown paper and potato print stars.

2) Buy a multi-pack of cheap baubles and write the Christmas gift recipient’s name using metallic pen. Old-fashioned brown luggage labels and coloured ink also look great on Christmas gifts.

3) Teeth-torn Sellotape ruins even the smartest Christmas present wrapping. Use a proper dispenser, a Prit-Stick, or invest in double-sided tape. You could even use a roll of pretty stickers.

4) Always fold raw edges before sticking them down.

5) Buttons, buckles, diamante costume jewellery, fabric butterflies and flowers, pom-poms and trinkets turn Christmas gifts from finished into fabulous.

6) If the Christmas gift is already attractively packaged, don’t go to town. Accent instead with a pretty ribbon.

7) Mix rich with poor. Brown parcel paper looks chic tied with velvet ribbon, and wrapping paper bought in 10-metre rolls instantly goes upmarket tied with coloured cord or garden twine. Even newspaper goes up the social scale tied with shiny ribbon.

8) For a Changing Rooms effect, tie on a string of bobbles or sequins at an angle. Not everyone will love it, but your Christmas gifts will definitely get noticed.

9) Attach a small gift. Candy canes work well for children, mini lavender bags for the mother-in-law, and tiny crackers for anyone.

10) A box is the answer to wrapping Christmas presents which are awkwardly shaped, or things that are so tiny you’re worried they’ll get lost. Keeping the shape covered up will help keep them guessing.

11) Keep a couple of Christmas gift bags to hand for anything that is difficult to wrap, or for that last-minute panic when you’ve run out of time.

12) Christmas is the one time when you can let your inner bad taste go to town. Spray on fake snow, tie bundles of cinnamon sticks with red ribbon, go mad with real holly.

Tips on Presenting Achievement Awards and Trophies

Achievement Awards When it is time to recognize achievement and promote success you have a number of options available to you. It can be a daunting task to find just the right award, trophy, or gift for any occasion. There is an extensive assortment of engraved awards and unique gifts and keep sakes gifts to choose from.

Modern awards are truly works of art from the beautiful acrylic and glass to classic awards cups. Computer driven laser engraving technology can add your text, logo or artwork to create an impressive keep sake that will last for years.

The awards presentation is an opportunity to inspire and motivate teams and individuals in the corporate world. The speaker should keep in mind that he is not only presenting the award he is also motivating the members of the audience to strive to win the award next year.

The awards presentation at a golf or poker tournament is an outstanding time to create excitement and buzz around the next event. Many of the people at the awards ceremony are the people that will have an interest in the next event. It is a valuable opportunity to talk to them all at once.

You have a number of options available in choosing the award or trophy itself. Plaques trophies, crystal, photo plaques and many more are available. There are a number of excellent web sites including the trophy store online that offer a wide selection. Take a little time looking at the assortment so you will have a good idea of what you want.

Once you have chosen the award it is time to decide what text to put on it. The text should include the recipients name reason for the award (high sales etc). It should also include the date and possibly the company logo.

When you order make sure you double check the spelling and grammar. Most engravers will engrave directly off the text you supply. If you order the trophy or award online make sure you give enough time for production and shipping.

Fallow these helpful steps and you are sure to have a treasured award and the presentation will be a successful event.

Interesting and Interactive Way of Presenting Practical Information – Information Discs

Most businesses need to present information on their products or services to their clients and invariably they want their clients to read and take notice of this information. However, presenting the information by way of lists on leaflets or in pamphlets is not necessarily the best way to guarantee that clients will refer to the information. A much better way is to present the information in an easy-to-read, interactive format. So what are the options? Well, the obvious solutions are slide charts and wheel charts and whilst slide charts are very functional there is a greater suggestion of user-friendliness about a wheel chart or information disc.

As a promotional tool a wheel chart is a bit like a silent partner. It is not an obvious product such as a promotional pop-up nor is it a high-action product where rubber band powered cubes jump out at you. However, the wheel chart will be retained as a reference tool for a long time and so it continues to perform its promotional function long after the instant impact of other products have lost their fizz. Another point in its favour is that the wheel chart’s high-action counterparts are not necessarily suitable vehicles to carry lots of practical information. It’s a case of horses for courses.

Very Effective at Events and Exhibitions

A Wheel Chart really is a great interactive way to display product details. Information that could be lost in the body of text on an ordinary leaflet is found easily on an information disc and it is done in a manner that actively involves the audience. These qualities make a wheel chart an ideal marketing and publicity product for a new product launch or for presenting product details as an exhibition handout or as an event giveaway.

Information discs are also of interest to events organisers as they are also a good way to show details of dates and venues for different events on an events calendar. Let’s say that a series of corporate team building events have been planned. An information disc provides an interesting and interactive way of passing on the information. The top disc could have the headlines and the details of each event will show through the apertures in the disc when it is turned.

Wheel charts can be made to order from many UK manufacturers and can come in a variety of guises. The simplest examples are two discs fastened at the centre using a metal eyelet but it is certainly not uncommon to see examples with three discs giving double-sided functionality. The discs can be incorporated into other formats, being added to one or more pages of a 4-page or 6-page folder, for example. Sometimes the disc is enclosed in a wallet and that option can also be incorporated into a 4-page and 6-page publication. This versatility affords the option of producing event publicity in a variety of formats with the interactive plus factor brought by the information disc.

Presenting Sport Posters Can Be a Good Gift Idea

Your best friend’s birthday is approaching and you have still not decided the gift to present him/her. Well! This is not done because a birthday is a very special occasion to show your love for someone and when it is your best friend’s birthday then you must buy something unique. If you know your friend’s liking that makes him/her go crazy then it will be advisable to present something that your friend likes.

If your friend is a big fan of sports then gift some exclusive sport posters on the birthday. Sport posters of different sizes can be gifted so that your friend can decorate every room of the house with these posters. To make your gift all the more happening just sign all the sport posters and leave a birthday message on every poster that will always make your friend remember this birthday celebrations.

Go for good quality posters made of thick sheets because such kind of posters will surely add years to the life of posters. Look some of the best galleries or simply go for online poster websites that display large varieties of sport posters. Some of the poster websites even help to provide free sport posters by simply clicking mouse.

So, just start your search today to make your friend feel happy on this birthday. Look for the most happening sport posters that will bring a big smile on your friend’s face. You can even look for your friend’s favorite sport star poster and gift it on the D-day to make his/her birthday a memorable day forever. Going through the latest stock of posters you will have large number of ideas that will help you to decide the best sport poster at the earliest. Try this birthday present this time and see how nice your friend feels.

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